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EA Loudspeaker to be unveiled in Munich

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30 years ago in 1987, a small bookshelf loudspeaker was born in a small woodcrafter's workshop. This was the beginning of Métronome Technologie's story, and guess what?... the loudspeaker had the shape of a ... metronome... To celebrate this 30th Anniversary, Kalista designed and created a fabulous loudspeaker, Ea. In the Mesopotamian mythology, Ea was the divinity of Arts and Techniques...

Ea will be unveiled at the famous Munich High-end Show, from 19 to 21 May 2017

DreamPlay stands for the new Kalista range

In 2017, the new generation of Kalista takes the name "DreamPlay". The first device offered is the DreamPlay CD, which replaces the excellent Kalista Ultimate. Amongst the most visible evolutions, DreamPlay is equipped with a large touchscreen providing excellent visibility of displayed information. Less visible but very audible, all electronics have been completely redesigned, resulting in an even more breathtaking sound reproduction than the previous generation.
Like all of our products, DreamPlay CD is largely customizable, for instance the chassis being available in "Black Pearl" black finish  or "Diamond" silver  (model shown on this page)

And now… introducing Kalista Diamond

Kalista Diamond topfront LR

The legendary Cd turntable now comes in silver aluminum finishing, which gives a new elegance to Kalista. All the models are of course available in this beautiful finery

The new Kalista DAC will be unvealed in Munich

IMG_3376The brand new DAC of Kalista range will be introduced at Munich High-End show between 5th and 8th May 2016. This very high end D/A converter will be of the most performant, being able to read DSD 64, 128 and 256. Integrating 4 DAC chips, the user will be allowed to chose the DAC he prefers and the resulting sound profile. Like always you will be able to chose your preferred output (solid-state or tube), according to the genre of music you like. With its touchscreen, some already say that Kalista DAC closes to perfection.