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Art of Music : the book

Art of Music, a gorgeous book retracing Métronome Technologie's story and state of mind, is now available. Don't hesitate to contact us to grab your copy !
You can already take a look at it below.


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1987 – 2017 : a Wonderful Anniversary Set for Celebration

In order to celebrate Métronome Technologie's 30s, the company developed a limited edition of 30 units, composed by a DreamPlay CD and a Kalista DAC. These sets are proposed in Diamond finish and include smoke-chrome or rose-gold plated legs... 30 pieces already sold on the 5 continents...

DreamPlay stream, Kalista’s new streamer

DreamPlay STREAM is the most gorgeous streamer and network player ever. It is designed to fit with other DreamPlay devices (DreamPlay CD and Kalista DAC), but can also be used by itself without Kalista’s famous silent-base. The DreamPlay STREAM has an internal DAC allowing high-resolution decoding, and may either browse your local network via DLNA protocol, or directly stream music services like Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify and internet radios. DreamPlay STREAM is also ROON, MQA and Airplay-compatible…